Smartphone APP Company Start-Up Case Study

34Okay so, as a business consultant I work with a lot of start-ups with great ideas, and I’d like to give you an example of one, and how those entrepreneurs would hypothetically go about launching their business strategically and getting it off the ground. This business model is a Smartphone APP company that would allow people to vote via smartphone or participate in government run surveys using their high-tech companion. Let’s talk shall we?

First, how would we design a specific strategy to make it work without giving away the idea to all of our potential competitors – and mind you this is a great idea – one that Americans need and would love to have, thus our market is pretty substantial – just about everyone – meaning all sorts of cities, counties, state agencies, and even our own Federal Government would contract with us to get this done. So how do we start?

First, we make a plan of attack. We need a nice description of the benefits to US citizens and to our government, show how it is a win-win for our Nation’s future, and how we plan on implementing it so it works – we must address people’s biggest fears and the fears of policy makers too, as our goal is to enhance efficiency not undermine it, to restore faith in government, but ensure government power is not abused through real-time feedback loop and transparency, while ensure 100% personal privacy and integrity of the system; one-person, one-device, one-vote – no cheating.

We must do this in 2-page summary, then we put together our outline of steps to build, test, re-test, implement, and then steps to scale up. Then we take each step and write two brief paragraphs describing what we plan on doing. We make this in a word-document. We will need a team, perhaps some funding, or a grant, and some help and guidance.

This is feasible, I am convinced, but it must be done by a group that has a pure heart or it will be a terrible detriment to our nation, our citizens, and all-mankind, because whatever we develop will be copied world-wide, and there are sure to be dictatorial Machiavellians who will see the value in manipulating it for their own accord, humans seem to love power, perhaps a character flaw, or perhaps just a once genetic imperative for survival, either way, this is where the rubber meets the road, it’s a real problem and we need safeguards, we must also describe them thoroughly, we don’t want anyone looking at this and using the system. Think on this.

Is Dash Charging A Worthy Feature For The OnePlus 3 Smartphone?

33If there is one weak spot of modern smartphones, it is the battery life. In relation to your phone use, the battery does not last as long between the charges and many people have embraced powerbanks to ensure that they remain connected throughout the day. But the one good point about a smartphone is that they charge relatively fast. This can be attributed to the fact that most come with fast charging technologies. The Qualcomm Quick Charge is supported by a number of recent phones by LG, Samsung, Moto and HTC.

Dash charge is the new fast charging solution that is available for the OnePlus 3 smartphone. The charging solution offers a day’s charge or power in as short as half an hour. It simply means that you would need only 30 minutes to replenish 2/3 of your smartphone’s battery capacity and this is indeed very remarkable.

Understanding dash charge

A Lithium ion battery is what is used in modern smartphones. Lithium as a chemical is highly reactive and light, making the cells weigh less, but at the same time store large energy amounts that are relative to their volume. The batteries however, require proper handling because the element can be very picky and mishandling it can significantly reduce the battery’s lifespan and even result in smelly, smoky and fiery explosion. Special circuitry is implemented by manufactures in the phones, batteries and chargers to reduce the risks by regulating the transfer of power.

Fast charging technology crams up power into the phone battery to a level it can handle before then slowing the power flow to safe levels to prevent damaging the battery. The dash charge feature on the OnePlus 3 smartphone charges a battery from empty to 63% in as few as 30 minutes, but then the charging is slow and it takes longer for the remaining percent to reach the full capacity.

Why is it special

The dash charge works pretty much as the fast charge technology on other smartphones. The major difference between the two is that the USB cable used with phones with quick charge offers greater compatibility and the cable connected does not matter much provided it has appropriate connectors. But for dash charge, you are required to use both the cable and charger provided with the phone. This is probably because ordinary cables may not have what it takes to handle the quick transfer of power safely.

The feature requirement might seem like much of a convenience, but it is what keeps the smartphone cooler as it charges compared to the quick charge technology that generates heat inside phones slowing down the charging process and also slowing the phone’s GPU and CPU. The difference lies in the voltage and current regulating circuitry in the chargers.

In conclusion, therefore, dash charge even with the charger inconvenience makes the OnePlus 3 smartphone among the fastest charging phones there is. It is therefore definitely a feature worth the phone; you just need the official dash charge car charger, wall charger or USB cable to enjoy the amazing feature.

How to Speed Up Your Old Android Smartphone?

32Do you wait for your old Android smartphone to respond to your commands ? This must have become troublesome for you. Smartphones have become a part of daily life precisely because these reduce the human efforts. Your old Android smartphones might decisively lack in this. It may not be responding and accepting your commands. And now you must be feeling that it is nothing less than a useless box. Need not to worry! There is still something that you can do to your old Android smartphone. With some precautions and maintenance, you can make your old smartphone compatible.

Here is a short guide, which can help you keep your old smartphone upbeat . Following these manual steps will speed up your Android smartphone again. Here it goes:

Clear App Cache: You must have installed/un-installed multiple applications or games on your Android device. This saves cache data on your phone. The cache data or junk files simultaneously increase the loading time of several applications and it also eats up precious system resources. By clearing this cache data or junk files, you can retrieve chunks of storage space and reduce the loading time of applications.

Disable Bloatware and Unwanted Applications: Having a lot of storage space in your phone is totally fine. But keeping avoidable apps is harmful your smartphone’s life. Bloatware refers to the pre-installed apps that are not in use, most of the time. For obvious reason you don’t use all your downloaded applications regularly. Therefore, there is no point keeping these unnecessary applications. Unused apps work as resource-hogs and consume precious storage space and RAM. Remove the bloatware. Also, disable the apps which, you are not using for the time being. You can anytime enable these apps and use it.

Keep Updating the Phone’s Software: Having an old Android device, doesn’t really mean to have an older version of the software. Software updates are not always about new features. These updates also come up with lots of minor bug fixes, which genuinely enhance your device’s performance. Keep updating the required software or applications, as it will make your smartphone more responsive.

Discard Live Widgets and Wallpapers: Live wallpapers and widgets, yeah!! It looks so cool, but they eat up your system’s resources and slow down your Android smartphone to the core. Try to limit the widgets on your screen and say no to live wallpapers; as they directly affect the performance and battery life of your Android device.

Use High-Speed Memory-Card: To make your old Android smartphone work smarter, you must insert a high-speed memory card. The high access speed of your memory card gradually enhances the read-write speed on your smartphone. Memory cards are available in several genres such as Class 10, Class 6 and Class 4. Class 10 and Class 6 are the highly preferred memory card classes. These boost the device’s entire performance.

Enable Battery-Saver Mode: Battery life plays a crucial role in increasing your device’s overall performance. To ensure that it lasts long, you must use your smartphone while it has sufficient battery. Using apps or surfing internet in low battery mode, adversely affect the battery life. With a drained battery, your device’s processor wouldn’t be able to perform effectively. You can manually enable the battery saving option that gets activated while using Wi-Fi in a low battery mode.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Smartphone Etiquette

31Most people, including a growing number of ‘oldies’, use a mobile or, so-called, Smartphone. In fact, Australia has one of the highest per-capita usage of this device. With the Smartphone has come a whole new etiquette that one day, I hope, might be observed by the masses.

These do’s and don’ts would be a good starting point in relation to using a smartphone without upsetting others.



Do be discreet by recognising that there are other people in the world. Lower your voice when talking in public and keep conversations as short as possible. Make a catch-up call later, when you’re alone, if there is a need to follow up.

Don’t let your phone ruin the experiences for others. A Smartphone is a communication tool and should be used as such!

Do minimise conversations in enclosed, public spaces such as lifts, buses, and planes. Never pester a captive audience.

Don’t forget to turn-off your phone during movies, lectures, meetings, meals, church services, theatre, etc.

Do remember to turn off your ringer when in a quiet situation. A vibrating phone should be sufficient as an attention-grabber.

Don’t choose a ringtone that lacks ‘class’.

Do try and deliver important news in person or over the telephone. Texting information of this type is a definite ‘no no’. Face-to-face communication beats all others, so try to use this medium wherever possible.

Don’t text or check your phone when speaking with others. People who insist on ‘checking’ their phone in the presence of others is a real turn off!

Do schedule some offline time to connect with your family and close friends on a regular basis.

Don’t be sloppy – check your outgoing messages for misspellings and out-of-context mistakes. If the recipient of your message is unlikely to understand abbreviations, avoid using them.

Do put your phone away during an important conversation.

Don’t judge others if they misspell a message or use poor grammar composed on their phone. If you can understand the message be prepared to accept that communication.

Do respect how others want to get a hold of you – check your voicemails. Callers will get cheesed-off when your message promises to get back to them and you never do.

Don’t be a tosser! When your mobile has called it quits, recycle it.

Do Google information in private. Just because someone claims something as being true does not necessarily mean they are right.

Don’t teach your kids and grandkids bad (not) Smart-phone habits.

Save Time Using Your Smartphone

30They say time is money, but we believe that time is worth more than money. Each second, minute, hour is your life and by each second your life is slipping away from your fingers. We always have a mental list of things we would like to do when we have time, but work takes up so much of our time that we hardly have any left for ourselves. And if you don’t make time to do things you like right now, the chances are very less that you will have time in your future as future is not promised to us. Saving time can be really easy and if you are a smart phone bearer, why not use it to save your time and get more work done as well. How, you ask? Take a peek below.


If you are one those people who struggle with completing their work on time, timer can be your friend. Say, you want something done in two hours, set a timer for one and half hour in your phone and try your best to finish your work before the timer goes off. You will save plenty of time using this simple trick.


At times we waste a lot of time making a list of priorities and going through it again and again to never miss an important meeting or an appointment. But save yourself some troubles and use the calendar on your phone to never miss a thing.


Standing in a line to get your tickets booked or to make reservations is the story of the past. With easily accessible internet you can book your tickets and make reservations in no time from your home.


Those who shop online know how easy, convenient and time-saving online shopping is but if you are someone who is still skeptical about online shopping, you have got to try it. It will save you a lot of time and money that you usually spend by going from one store to another while shopping conventionally.

Daily task reminders

If you are always updated about the things you need to do, you will never be late at anything. Set up daily task reminders to remind you of the things you need to do. This way you will never miss out on a single thing and when you get everything timely, you can manage to find spare time.